Creative, challenging training

What is your training Hell?

There is a place called Training Hell where unimaginable horrors lurk - repetitive information, role-play, a lack of involvement and a dark overlord known as Powerpoint.

There is salvation in the hope of Training Heaven, where people have energy, tell stories, interact, engage and do things differently. How do we know? We've asked people that have seen both. So what were the most common features of Training Hell?

Powerpoint presentations

We’ve all been in a room where the trainer simply takes a verbatim cue from the tedious projection behind them. Usually this means that they don’t really know their stuff and certainly don’t know how to engage people with meaningful conversations.

What’s the point of even having a presentation unless it is enhancing the content?


We’ve met so many people that are filled with fear and dread at the thought of having to act out a role-play in front of their peers. Have you ever been able to re-create a workplace situation that you have had the luxury of rehearsing in role-play? No, neither have we.

We’ve often found that it’s more effective to build confidence and equip people to think and act intuitively; learning to rely on their own sills rather than a script.

Repetitive information

The training room can be an expensive place to simply dump a load of information on people - especially when it is information that they have heard before and know off-by-heart. Why not give people the information in advance and use the training room to learn their thoughts opinions and attitudes about what they have learnt?