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How would you work with us?

We're a training company, sometimes...

We do some of the things training companies do

People glaze over when they hear we're a training company, it never surprises us. You, like us, have probably experienced training that doesn't work; being blasted with information, slides, handouts, models, diagrams, roleplay and presentations.

We know that training works when people are creatively and emotionally engaged with learning - when it looks, sounds and feels different.

Sometimes we're not a training company.

 We do much more than just being a training company

We refuse to dump a load of information on people. It's not memorable and neither is it a good way to learn. Our training is underpinned by four simple truths and we're only likely to work with companies that align with this philosophy.

We are an experienced team of consultants and facilitators that follow a process to enable a forum for engagement, exploration and debate.

This is one of the best learning experiences we've had at our organisation