Creative, challenging training

Our work is based on four simple truths and they're important to us

1Information isn't training

Don't force a download on delegates
Why do companies waste so much money on training that is simply a time to overwhelm people with information? Information rarely changes behaviour. What if the training room was a platform for engagement, exploration and debate? What if people got together after they had been given the information and used the opportunity to share knowledge and challenge what they have learned?

Our trainers aren't presenters (although they would make good ones), they are skilled facilitators of a process, they know when to offer fresh insight and which questions to ask to stimulate effective learning. It starts with great conversations.

2Creativity works

Anyone can be creative, with creativity comes inspiration
When people are in a creative environment they will think differently and are able to see things from another perspective. Often being creative is about building walls with other people’s bricks - taking ideas that work and using them to stimulate your own thinking to create something new.

Our programmes always come from a creative foundation; from stunning branding and visuals that entice, excite and engage, through to concepts that dislodge convention and pre-conception by encouraging delegates to step in to a mode of creative thinking. The result of being creative is learning that makes an intellectual and emotional connection.

3People are people

That's obvious right?
People will only ever see or hear what they believe. This is never more true than when people learn - they will choose to believe what they are learning, or they won’t, and each has a consequence. We know that training only really works when people make an emotional connection with what they are learning.

We build meaningful relationships with our clients, whether they are delegates or stakeholders. We don’t just say this because it’s what you want to hear, it helps build emotional connections. When emotional connections happen people feel listened to and engaged - they’ve been empowered to be responsible for important outcomes.

4Change will come

But if you keep doing the same things, nothing will change...
People can, and do, change. In fact, try stopping it. People change their views, their opinions and their behaviour on a fairly regular basis.

We believe that if something looks right, and it feels right, that it probably is right. Taking this intuitive approach to training encourages delegates to follow their instincts and act creatively on what they think is the right thing to do. It is a powerful way to help people challenge the status-quo and empowers them to try new things and learn an inquisitive approach to training. We become a catalyst to change the way you train, by helping your organisation do something different.