Creative, challenging training

We're so much more than a training company

We consult

Our biggest inspiration will come from listening to you about your organisation. What challenges you face, what you are proud of, what you want to do better, what you admire in other businesses.

By learning what you want to achieve we’re able to offer clear advice and start to devise creative pathways to programmes that will meet your objectives.

We challenge

Our belief is that great training is simply about having really good conversations and delivering these in meaningful, memorable and impactful ways.

We know that training is at its most effective and memorable when it looks, sounds and feels different. Different is where normal can be challenged, limitations tested and boundaries broken.

We create

We take our inspiration from all sorts of places - whether it’s football, music, TV, history, art, food, business or a trip to the pub. We are always looking for opportunities to find learning in everyday life and this is a principle that we’d apply to your business. Nothing is more inspiring to us than talking about your challenges and how we might help you to overcome them.

We deliver

Our team comprises of retail experts, employee engagement gurus, financial sector specialists, seasoned business coaches, innovative marketing executives, occupational psychologists, creative branding professionals, filmmakers, music producers and more. The unique make-up of our team helps us take a creative approach to delivering training.

How will we work with you?

We don’t know yet. We rarely repeat a programme or impose a training solution on the unique dynamics of another organisation. Everything we do is designed specifically to a client’s requirements, after we’ve discovered what it is that they need.

You might work with us if...

  • You’ve tried training and it didn’t work because all you got was information.
  • You need a high level of engagement and participation.
  • You want to embed a vision, idea or set of values in to your organisation.
  • You want your staff to make an emotional connection to training and development.
  • You want training that involves meaningful conversations, unapologetic challenges and sustainable outcomes.