Creative, challenging training

One team, one song, one day

Song in a day is possibly the best team event you'll ever do.

The challenge...

To write, record and produce an original piece of music - Your Song In A Day.

Your team pushed to the edge of their comfort zones, where they discover new horizons to their creativity, refreshed confidence in being leaders and a new belief in working together.

How and what...

A fast-paced format demands immediate participation, working with professional songwriters, music producers, filmmakers, branding experts and facilitators to put together everything you need to release your song on iTunes including;

Production, branding, a video of the day and more!

Work together in a fast-paced environment to get everything ready for your song's commercial release.

  • Compose with professional songwriters.
  • Visualise with branding experts.
  • Record with experienced music producers.
  • Mash it up with our in-house DJ.
  • Build confidence with a professional vocal coach.
  • Capture the day with filmmakers.

I have been to many, many team days but can honestly say that I have enjoyed none of them as much as this.

What an AMAZING day! Your team were helpful, supportive energetic and helped us blossom! The format you have used is well thought out and the mentors were fab!

This day totally surpassed my expectations. These guys are fantastically talented and we didn't just come out with an average track... we came out with an awesome track!

How to Book:

For more information please contact

Amanda Coulter
07831 600859