Creative, challenging training

Desktop Dares

Use this pack to refresh workplace thinking, excite and enable your team.

If Our Team

Use this pack to have thoughtful conversations about what it takes to be a better team.

Thinking About Our Customers

Use this pack to generate a meaningful discussion about the reality of customer service in your business.

My Personal Values

Use this pack as a learning experience to assess and re-discover your values.

What's Important To Me At Work

Use this pack to understand and define your most important work drivers.

When We Work Together

Use this pack to discover how you could work better with those around you.

Real Leadership

Use this pack to uncover your Leadership strengths.

What If...

Use this pack to tackle challenges in a new way

What I Bring

Use this pack to uncover the unique qualities that each person brings to the team

Active Creativity

Use this pack think and act more creatively in the workplace

  • Facilitation
    Get to the heart of the issue and help people find their own solutions.
  • Coaching
    Explore challenging situations and ask more effective questions.
  • Teams
    Help your team to build lasting, effective relationships and focus on the things that matter.
  • Meetings
    Bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to your meetings.
  • Training
    Fill your training sessions with exciting, lively debate and energy.
  • Self Awareness
    Help people to understand better what motivates and drives them.
  • Personal Development
    Stretch people’s thinking and inspire them to greater things.
  • Inspiration
    Find innovative and novel solutions to those age old questions.

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