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Who are ya?

Have you ever been asked this question in anger? Have you ever thought of a serious answer? Seriously, who are you? You might have a clever reply, or you might stumble to find the right words, either way - here's a more difficult question - which football manager would you be?

Kick Off is a management training programme that uses football as an analogy for the workplace and leadership situations.

Football tactics, a winning formula for managers...

Using the language of football enables us to strip away baffling management speak and helps delegates to share universal experiences in a format that is fun, engaging and easy to get passionate about.

By considering well-known leadership styles, delegates are able to identify their own qualities; what makes them good and how they might need to flex their style for other members of the team.

Let's talk about the team...

Who's your safe pair of hands?
Every good team needs that reliable person waiting in the wings to bring confidence and support when it doesn't quite go according to plan.

List your biggest motivators
In business we often encounter teams that are looking for motivation in the wrong places, or are simply using the wrong motivators.

What are you trying to achieve?
Whatever your goals, communicating them effectively to your team is a catalyst for success

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Kick Off incorporates and explores models and principles such as; Hersey & Blanchard's Situational Leadership and John Adair's Action Centred Leadership.