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Be Impressive is a development programme…

When you encounter someone truly impressive it stays with you and has a real lasting impact, often galvanising you to positively change something in your own life or in the workplace.

There are some key characteristics that impressive people share. Being impressive is not necessarily something you are born with, it’s possible to learn how to be more impressive.

Our research...

We have compiled data from over 400 people covering a variety of countries and organisations exploring how people perceive impressiveness and extensively studied the current academic literature in cognitive and behavioural science.

We have tested these ideas with people covering the entire range of the business world including business leaders, people in mid-career, business owners, people working in the midst of large global entities, fast-track professionals, HR professionals and occupational psychologists.

What can you do with Be Impressive?

As part of a high potential programme - Setting standards of impressive behaviour in people who will develop into the leaders of tomorrow.

As a catalyst for a cultural shift - Perhaps towards improved relationship building or greater customer focus.

To develop an Impressive Organisation - Be Impressive has clear, achievable elements that apply to everyone.

With a key sales team - To help them build better relationships and leave an impressive imprint. 

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