Creative, challenging training

If you just had one day to make a difference...

Imagine having a free rein to make a difference in your community. Would you design a skatepark, clean up a river, build a bridge, take books to a school or something completely different? Whatever you did, how would you sustain your impact to leave a lasting legacy?

What process would you follow to build an idea to fruition, sell the concept to your colleagues and finance the required resources?

Beneficial outcomes...

There are many layered outcomes to Difference In A Day. In addition to the fast-paced immersive training, delegates learn the value of team work and the power of pooling external resources in order to deliver an ambitious and inspiring scheme.

The CSR focus of Difference In A Day provides a powerful opportunity to leverage exposure and enhance your PR and Marketing activities.

Follow a process to create an idea with impact…

Ideas - Learn a process to test and develop a good idea.

Pitching - Learn what makes a good pitch and what techniques you can use to be compelling and persuasive.

Marketing - Learn how you could market your idea, getting engagement and exposure.

Selling - Learn how to approach other stakeholders and get them to support and buy in to your idea, possibly even financing support by providing materials or resources.

Implementing - What will it take to mobilise action, get your team onboard and execute your fabulous idea?

How to Book:

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Amanda Coulter
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