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CIPD L&D Show 2017 - Were you there? If not, here are some things you missed

Fantastic to see you at the 2017 Learning & Development Show. Sorry if you missed it ...

... we thought we share some of the things that we were hearing and then let you in on some our our personal highlights ...
The Word on The Street

The show is a brilliant time to listen to the L&D challenges that businesses have, here are some of the things we were hearing …

"We're struggling to promote learning internally"
It's difficult to drive engagement sometimes and we find that senior stakeholder buy-in is a must.  We have been ahead of the curve in branding programmes and running internal marketing initiatives alongside the learning - Emotional connections to learning will drive a desire to fully engage.

"We're confused about the transition from E-learning to Digital Learning"
We think the answer is to consider the principle, not the platform. Digital learning is at it’s best when it becomes the centre of sharing information, but this only works if you have built an effective human learning community.  We have some Thoughts about Learning Communities in our brochure.

"We need ready made programmes, for quick interventions"
It appears that time and budget are ruling the day.  Our answer is Awesome and Affordable - A range of ready-to-go learning and development courses that are designed to meet the challenges of modern businesses.

"We don’t want to lose sight of face to face learning"
Neither do we!  Skilful facilitation will forever be at the heart of effective learning.  How about spicing up your next meeting with some healthy, human discussion - our Little Boxes of Brilliance could help.
Our Personal Highlights

Being the noisy neighbour (our stand was rammed for two days), meeting fabulous and interesting people, getting connected to current L&D thinking, Amanda’s shoes, Breakfast at Frank's, post-show mingling with some fantastic exhibitors, teaser topics, challenging conversations, Amanda’s jeans, showing off our Little Boxes of Brilliance and being left to think about how we will meet the L&D challenges of businesses like yours ...

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